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Tinkercad tutorial: How to make cookie cutter for Easter in 2022

Hi everyone,

We are in April of 2022 and Easter is coming soon. There are a lot of STEM activities for elementary to do with the kids where they can learn how to make all types of STEM projects ideas ( make robots, learn to program a robot, code a video game from scratch, learn basic electronics for beginners and much more. But today, we'll focus on design, more precisely 3D design. How to make your own cookie cutter.

The plan is to find a good shape of a bunny on internet.

Easter for the kids

Easter is nice period that I particularly enjoy like Christmas. This is a festive moment where most of family gather and where the kids are happy to be together and play. But the festivity sometimes start a bit early with the family in the kitchen. Yep, since there is the family, some cooking may be a part of the plan (Food, salad, cakes, etc). And this is where we are getting on stage.

Let's say we are making some cookies but we want to make them about Easter. That is where a cookie cutter comes handy. :-). You can buy one in a store but where is the fun in that when you are a STEM guy and has been doing everything yourself (coding games for adults, programming robot, doing electronics and more). So let's buy ours.

Where to find a bunny rabbit

Now we need to find a bunny rabbit shape. Because of the internet everything is accessible with the keyboard and one click. You can open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) and type "Bunny shape". From that, look for a outer bunny shape that you like. When we have found a nice bunny template, it is time to got to the 3d design on Tinkercad.


What is Tinkercad

Tinkercad is one of the best 3d modeling software for beginners to make 3D modeling of more or less whatever you want. And it's free. It's easy to use because of it's drag and drop process. Kids can also learn how to design any 3D objects (cubes, cylinders, cubes, parts for toys, parts for everyday devices and much more. This is one of the best 3D modeling software free available on the market online.

It is available online for free for everyone above 13 years old ( You sign up with your email address and create an account and enjoy a lot of Tinkercad projects on their website. I hope you will enjoy this Tinkercad tutorial.

Make cookie cutters with Tinkercad

Now that we know what Tinkercad is, it's time to make our cookie cutter. I have made a step-by-step video tutorial for you guys to show you how to design a cookie cutter with Tinkercad for 3D printing

Next steps on making the cookie cutter for Easter

When you finished with the drawing of the bunny rabbit on Tinkercad, It it now time to print it. If you have a 3D printer at home and know how to use you can use the file that you have export from Tinkercad after finishing the drawing of the bunny.

If you don't have a 3D printer, you can do with online 3D printing companies and 3D printing communities as well. Take a look at the links below for the best 3d printing service online:

You can contact them and upload your 3D file to them to have a idea of the price and cost for the delivery at your home.

What else can be done with Tinkercad for Easter

Now that you have finished your nice bunny cookie cutter for this 2022 Easter. What else can you do? You can design other type of shape that are used for Easter such as eggs shapes, other type of bunny shapes, buckets, clock shapes and more.

You can also try shapes use for Halloween (pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, etc). It's full of STEM challenge ideas for kids out there. Let me know if you're thinking of anything I did not mentioned.

Share your thoughts and projects

You can share your thoughts about this article by liking, sharing and commenting it. Share your thoughts on what works better for you and what else can be improved in this article. But most important, you can also share your projects with the community in here by sharing pictures and videos if any. ;-)

There are also other 3D modeling softwares available with more or less complexity such as:

  • Rhino3D

  • Solidworks

  • FreeCAD (Free and open source)

  • Catia 3D and much more.

But those are much complex to learn and required some time to get used to them. They are also heavily used in the industrial world to design houses, video games, parts for cars and more.

I hope you enjoyed Tinkercad tutorials for beginners and it will be helpful for you.

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