Online Live STEM Courses

You have kids and they are pretty hands-on and tech persons. They may also want to learn more about the devices around them and how to hack them.

We offer you them this online opportunity allowing to reach us wherever you are on earth.

The Online live TECH classes is a 3 hours splitted in 3 times 1 hour monthly (3 first Sundays of the month - 7 am " . It allows the students on Sundays to start a project and learn how to make it true form the intro to the final project.

Create and design a video game with pyth

This is a monthly subscription. A topic is approach every month or more depending of the project (Meaning it may last a bit longer, 2, 3 months).

Some classes may need to gather hardware (cardboard, glue, popsicle sticks...). I will let you know long enough in advance so you can buy them before the live. Don't worry the replay of the class will also be available.

The class is only $30 a month and and no monthly engagement required.

Depending of your child age, you may need to choose between the these below:

  • Coding

  • Electronics

  • 3D modeling