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How to make a flashlight with a Littlebits electronics board and a paper towel roll with your kids

Hi everyone,

Welcome back for another STEM tutorial.

In our last tutorial, we saw how to make a video game controller with a sweet potato and a Makey Makey electronic board. I hope that you and your children had a great time learning how to make a video game controller and tinker around.

Today's project will still be on electronics and we will see some principles of electronics but no worries. We'll go step-by-step.

Littlebits BBC - STEM Hands-on projects

The electronic board we will use today and your children as well to make the flashlight is made by Littllebits and the model is called BBC.

This model is no more produced (Since I bought it a few years ago) but it still does a great job and can sometimes be found on Ebay as a 2nd hand. But if you want a new version of the board, new models can be found on amazon for the kids with different flavors and themes (Iron man and more). Whatever model you buy, they all turn around tinkering, electronics and hands-on project. So let's get started.

What is in the Little bit BBC board

When you open this little box, you find mostly all you need to get started with electronics right away except chips. There are the modules:

  • 1 Battery

  • 1 Push button

  • 1 potentiometer

  • 1 Led

  • 1 buzzer (To make sound)

Only these things, open hundred or even thousand of possibilities of hands-on projects that can be made.