STEM tips for kids: How to get your teenager started with electronics in 2022


Welcome to the tech blog. I'm happy to have you taking the time reading. If you are here it's because you and your kids love STEM, technology and want to start or improve yourself in the field. Which I will be happy to share my experience and advice with you.

You may have younger kids (teenagers) who like to tinker with everything you have in your home (cups, plates, glue, braking their toys to retrieve the electronic components in them, etc). You can feel they are eager to go further but you don't know how to help them.

Learn electronics from scratch

If your kids desire to have their hands and learn more electronics tricks from scratch, I can advise a good product that is pretty popular for about 10 years and much more in the STEM world and makers. It is called Arduino. It's an small electronic board big as a credit card that you can transform in all type of device starting really from scratch. With it, you can learn the basis of electronic (With resistors, capacitors, diodes and more). And you can then switch to more complicated devices such as: Control a motor, Make a radio, make a light sensor, make an automatic watering system for your plant with a humidity sensor and much more).

Arduino Uno kit (for Teenager)

But to get you started with more help, tutorials and example, I advise you a good kit that can be found online for this Arduino board. It comes with the Arduino board I was talking about (In our case it's called Arduino Uno. You have different types). And comes with a bunch of electronic components, sensors and motor, all in one box. But the best in all this, is that it come with a little book that helps you getting started with electronics. It is full with tutorials on how to use the all the different electronic components step-by-step.

Where to buy the Arduino kit to get started

You can this kit online on Amazon. It is a good kit to buy if you have kids that are interested in STEM and desire to learn from scratch. It explains step-by-step the different devices you can create. And this is only the tip of the iceberg (In comparison of what you can do in the future with it).

You can use the following link to find it: Arduino Kits with book

You can also find kit that are less expensive (With all the required electronic components your teens can tinker with), but it will not come the electronic starter book I mentioned earlier.

You can use the following link to find it: Arduino Kits without the starter book

Arduino video tutorials (getting started)

I have also join a couple of Arduino video tutorials explaining how to install the software that comes with it. And also how to make your first project. Give them a look and share your thought whether you already know this board or not in the comments.

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