STEM activities for kids: Lear how to make a 3D pendant with Tinkercad in 10 minutes

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If you are new here, this blog is focus on STEM activities for kids and also for adults who like to learn and make DIY things from scratch such as: coding, robotics, crafting, hands-on activities, electronics and more.

3D modeling

But today, we will focus more on a design aspect. By that, I mean modeling things on a computer with a software (More precisely an online software). That happens to be free. You just need to create an account by signing up.


Tinkercad is a free online software used at the beginning by children to learn how to design all type of objects with a drag and drop system. But now, they expand the software to also host electronics. he kids can learn electronics by making schematics with LED, resistors, wires, Arduino board and a little bit of coding.

But what we will need today is the version where we need to create object. What is nice with this software is that the objects can be 3D printed by a 3D printer (If you have one at home or prefer to use a 3D online service).

Sign up to Tinkercad

To get started, you need to go to the following website:

when there, go to the top right of the screen and click on sign up. They will ask you to create:

  • 1 identifiant

  • 1 password

  • You need an email adress

  • One last thing I need to mention, If things did not changed, you may need to be 13 years old or older to create an account. If you are 13 years old yet, you can ask your parents pr an adult to help you with the process.

Video tutorial of modeling of a pendant

In this short video tutorial on Tinkercad, we will see how to design a heart pendant can maybe 3D printed later of you desire it. Enjoy!

Future improvements

I hope you enjoyed it and that you learned something new. That heart pendant is only a small example of what can be done by the kids in Tinkercad. More thing can be done such as: a DIY rocket, jewelry, rings, earings, car part for RC models and much more. If you have made your own model, please share with us in the comments or on the Facebook group.

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