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How to get started with 3d Scanning to scan objects and 3D print them

3D scanning is easy

When I got started with 3D printing, yes I said 3D printing and not 3D scanning (Because I started 3D printing way before using 3D scanner), You have these online hub website where people could download objects made by someone else (Really a community type of website) and share it there ( That was cool at the beginning but what if I wanted to go a bit further. What were my options

Looking a bit further and talking with others in the community, I discovered that you could use a 3D modeling software to draw your objects (precisely what those people did and then shared it on the community hub website). But we'll talk about 3D modeling in another article and also through some tutorial. Here is a video on it:

3D scanners


Or we could use a 3D scanner. Back in the day, it the was really the opening of the open-source model for 3D printing, so the environment around it was not quite developed. I meant by that, things were not cheap. So I want and have to buy a portable 3D scanner. It costed me around $350. Serious money there you say for tinkering. lol

From there, I had to install a software that came with it in the box and I could more or less scan all type of small and medium object.

3D scanning app

There was also 3D scanning app (on smartphone usually by big tech names. You need to take a bunch of pictures all around the object (about 30 or more) and put some markers ( Newspaper or magazines around) so the algorithm can calculate depending of the side of the image. A bit of a story by itself. lol