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Pi day projects ideas for 2023: Easy STEM activities with paper for kids

Hello everyone.

Thanks for tuning in. If you are here it's because you like Pi Day and you also love your kids. Why can't mix the two of them. Let's have some fun pi day activities.

Fun Pi day activities

If your children are looking for STEM activities with paper to do at home you are at the right place. If they are 5 years old and plus, come join us online for a live show and tell:

  • Tuesday, March 14th 2023 at 7 pm live and online

What do you need

It's a free event and all you need to participate is:

  • An internet connection

  • A Zoom account

  • A computer

  • Construction papers

  • A pair scissors

  • Paper clips

  • a thin string

  • A marker or more

Where to subscribe

It will be a nice pi day activity where we will show you how to build a nice activity to keep your kids entertained and proud of themself. It's pi day for kids.

You can subscribe with the following link and and join us with your children at the date above:

  • Things to do on pi day live event link - Zoom

Please share the event with your family who have children, your neighbors, friends and all people you know.

Other easy STEM activity for kids to do at home

While waiting for the date, you may be looking for what to do with your kids this weekend. Our blog is full with technology activities for elementary students, such as:

And for those of you and kids who are more interested into learning electronics, 3D printing, coding, robotics and more. You can check the following links on the website:

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Subscribe to the Facebook group if you have yet registered. Content and tutorials are shared daily: Create and build STEM project for kids

We can be reached at: if any questions.

Happy pi day to you!

See you on soon.