Walbi: How to build an opensource 3d printed biped robot with an arduino board

What's up guys,

Hope you all are doing while waiting the end of the year.

I know the festivity are coming but makers got no vacations since they love what they do.

To continue with the makers, there is one those days that make a lot of noise on internet with arduino based project. He is called "Pedro Tavares" and has created a 3D printed biped made of arduino board named "Walbi".

This 3D printed leg is 55 cm (21.7 in) tall for 2.1 pounds (1.1 kg). It's movements are realised with 10 servomotors (LX-16A) who are controlled with an Arduino Nano.

Most of the body (Legs, foot, etc) was drew and 3d printed on a home 3D printer.

This robot can be code to:

  • Walk

  • Dance

  • Record movement and reproduce it after

  • And more (Let your imagnation impress you)

More details on the projects and also the code for the Arduino, the 3D printed parts and the list of the materiel can be found with the following link: Walbi: How to make a 3d printed walking biped with an Arduino nano

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See you soon for more articles, tutorials and STEM events in the Washingtion DC area. ;-)

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