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FARMBOT: The open-source robotic planter for your garden

You wish you can grow up your own food (vegetables) and don't know where to start to take care of your backyard. Don't worry, a solution is on the way and it's opensource.

It's name is Farmbot. Farmbot is an opensource Farm robot that can take care of your garden without intervention. It can seed your seeds, give them water, eliminate the bad weeds and all this with your smartphone and in real-time. It's not awesome?? :-)

It is made like a cnc machine but a bit bigger(actually you can choose your size) that can move on X and Y with stepper-motors. It uses differents tools and sensors on the Z axis for the soil like a head to plant seeds, watering, It :

  • is powered by a raspberry pi, a ramps 1.4, an arduino Mega

  • use 3d printed parts

  • Is scalable depending how big is your garden

  • Use free opensource software

  • got documentation online

You can buy the kit online for a price starting at: $3275

More details on the project can be see on their website with this link: farmbot

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