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Chemistry Show-And-Tell experiments for kids: Fun things to do with kids in Maryland - STEM

chemistry experiment
chemistry experiment

Come join us for a nice STEM Show-and-Tell for your kids. This one will focus on chemistry. Nice demonstration of elements, products and reactions will be made in front of everyone in a funny and educative way(with Safety in mind of course). Yep, it will be full of chemistry project for kids and cool chemistry reactions. ;-)

If your little ones are 5+ and you looking are looking for nice things to do in DC with your kids, come join us. It's all free.

chemistry event

Place of the STEM event in Silver Spring Maryland

The Chemistry Show-and-tell event is free and will be hosted at the Silver Spring Library (Room 3-1 - 3rd floor ) at the following address: 900 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, MD, 20910

The Day is: Thursday, February 8th 2024 at 7pm.

The link to sign up for the event is the following: STEM Chemistry for kids

You can come with all your family, friends and children discover STEM project with the Raspberry pi (Control a LED, code a robot, Internet of thing) and more.

Fun and easy scienee experiment projects
Fun and easy scienee experiment projects

STEM Summer camp in DC and Maryland

You are looking for a nice 2024 summer camp for this year for your children focusing on STEM (Learn how to code, make robots, use 3D printing, droning and more) in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area. Come join us in Takoma Park Maryland where your children can learn and have fun.

Check the following link for more details and the dates:

Online after-school focused on STEM

You and your children are looking for nice activities to have fun and learn new things and skills. Come join us for online classes such as:

  • Python coding for kids and teens

  • Coding for elementary school students

  • Make video games

  • Electronics

  • Digital modeling (Create cars, rockets, rings, etc) for 3D printing and much more with the following link: Online after-schools 

Other cute things to make and hand-crafts for kids (tutorials)

If you are looking for more cool Arduino and STEM project ideas to do with your kids, take a look at these other activities:

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