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2 robots for coding: Best programming language for kids in 2024

Thymio the educational robot
Thymio the educational robot


I want to share a quick thought with you about 2 educational robots than can be found on the market to teach kids how to code and develop their imagination and skills. And maybe aim for robotics engineering in a close future. That's why STEM education at a young age is very important for the kids. Dream big.

You have different types of robots on the market. But I have had a chance to work with the robot I'm about to introduce and I really enjoy them. The children love them and couldn't stop when it was time to pack up the coding workshop.

I hope you will find it helpful specially if you are looking for a educational robots to change your kid focus and let them have fun alone, with their friends and do something they like (tinkering with robots).

Thymio the robot for education

Thymio the robot moving around
Thymio the robot moving around

Thymio the robot is a small robot made for children, adults and teenagers to learn coding. They can using it from 4 years old to 99 years old and even more. If you want to know what programming language to learn first, Thymio the robot may be a good fit.

Firstly, it's a small that can fit in one hand. It has 2 wheels to allow movements such as: moving forward, backward, left, right, etc.

Thymio the educational robot flashing it's light
Thymio the educational robot flashing it's light

It has a software that is code with blocks for younger children and a higher level coding language for teens and adults. It also includes some pre-installed configuration using colors that can be triggered with buttons on top of the robot. That configuration is the ideal for kids that are between 4 and 7 years old allowing them to use pre-recorded behaviors with the colors (avoid obstacles, follow objects and much more).

Coding interface to code robots
Coding interface to code robots

A full article dedicated to Thymio itself will be written for you. Stay tuned for it. ;-)

Codey Rocky the coding robot

Codey Rocky the robot
Codey Rocky the robot

This robot is a robot with tracks made by Makeblock. It can also stand in one hand. It comes in two parts that are made to be stuck together. One of them in the brain and the other one is the moving part ( to move forward, backward, etc). The 2nd part is a the brain of the robot, it comes with a speaker, a microphone, a movement sensor, and a nice display. This display can be programmed to display words and small drawing made by the kids.

How to code a robot - interface
How to code a robot - interface

To control all this business, they put together a nice software that can be use by children, tween, teenagers and adults.

coding for elementary school
coding for elementary school

This software includes different coding interfaces defining by each age range:

  • One uses a block language like Blockly coding to make Blockly games or another coding language like Scratch coding for kids where a drag-and-drag principle is used. It is made for younger children starting at 7/8 years olds.

  • The other interface uses the coding language called Python. This one can be used by teenagers and adults. This is a pretty popular language used in different industries (Automotive, drone, education, Internet, smartphones, etc...). Python coding online has a nice website for those who want to learn more about python programming ( It's a really good and easy coding language on how to learn programming for beginners. I have a small video tutorial on how to get started with python coding. Take a look at it on YouTube and give it a like: Python basics

An article fully detailed on Codey Rocky will be written for you as well. Please stay tuned for more.

Price of the educational robots

The price for those robots are about the same. It's a good investment in your kids future and they will keep them for a couple of years since they can keep using them while learning higher level languages.

  • Price Codey Rocky: $120

  • Price Thymio the robot: $189 or more depending of the options

Where to buy coding robot for your kids

Those robots can be bought mostly online unless you really want to go on site and see it for yourself which I understand. You can find the links below to buy them

Future detailed description of the educational robots

In the next articles, I will write a more complete description of each robot for you so you can better idea about their performance. This article was primarily written to introduce you to those robots and that they can be bought for kids (4 years old to adulthood) to teach them how to code and improve their skills as well.

Meanwhile, you can go on the different sites I have shared with you above in the article. It is a good way for beginners to learn coding languages.

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