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Teach your kid to code : Easy coding for kids with Scratch - STEM online event

Online coding classes for kids
Online coding classes for kids

Hi everyone,

Thanks for connecting and reading this article. You are valuable members of this community. You want to teach your kid to code, you are at the right place.

Maryland STEM Festival 2023:

If you are here, it's because you and your kids love learning and like technology, STEM or anything related to robotics, electronics or coding. That fits right because it's Maryland STEM Festival until November 11th 2023. This festival that exists for a couple of years now and have for goal to spread the love of technology to everyone. So we'll organize a niece STEM event for your kids. Teaching kids to code is really a good move for their future and development.

Live coding event

You want to enjoy this moment to spend some time with you live on learn how to code and see the basics of coding. One thing I want to mention is that scratch is a coding language that uses blocks. Meaning you can use the blocks to code. And it's easy to learn coding for younger kids. We are talking kids who know how to read (7 years old and more).

Come join this live event with your children if you love STEM and want to learn scratch language. It will focus on teaching kids to code.

This will be an online show and Tell where I will explain step-by-step what coding is, how to implement coding and then test it. It's going to be fun!!! You do not need previous knowledge to join us.

Online Scratch coding for kids
Scratch program for kids


All you need is:

  • A computer

  • An internet connection

  • A browser installed on your computer

  • And a Zoom account

STEM program for the kids

In this Show and tell, will see:

  • What is Scratch

  • What is coding

  • How to implement coding

  • Exercises

  • And test our code

  • And more

Date and time of the online event

If your children are somehow between 7 and 11 years old and are desire to learn how to code from scratch. Come join us for 30 minutes from 7 pm to 7:30 pm (EST - NYC Time) on:

  • Wednesday, November 1st 2023.

The class will be on Zoom. Make sure you register to the event (with the link below) and also share the information with your family and friends so their children can learn how to code.

STEM videos for elementary students

While waiting for the event, you can check this video on Scratch to have a quick idea of what is Scratch coding.

Other cute things to make and hand-crafts for kids

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See you on soon.