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Bye bye 2020 - Welcome 2021 - STEM in 2021 for the kids

Welcome back everybody,

Thank you for tuning with us today. It means a lot to us and push us to give your more activities for your children

2020 and the changes in our STEM activities

It's crazy to look at it this way but 2020 was a long unexpected year for us all. Specially with that coronavirus and all the consequences that followed. But at the same time, new habits has been formed and new way of working and communicating formed. It was a hard transition specially when you have a physical presence and an hands-on business.

Despite all of that, we have been able to listen to your request and adapt to a online demand to provide coding, 3D modeling, electronics classes and more for your children. We have also listened to your feedback to improve our online classes since it was also new for us in this year 2020.

Happy new year - 2021

All this to say that 2020 is finished with all it's up and down and that would probably the last article for 2020.

So I'm enjoying that time to wish you an happy 2021 year in advance and realization on all the goals you may have in sight.

Coming activities in 2021 for the kids

2021 also comes with it's load of online STEM activities on our side with the improvements you requested, even tough it's a long path journey. Your children will enjoy it with all the topics that are coming. Really starting from scratch and learn coding, electronics, 3d modeling, hands-on activities and all of this mostly for free on week-end.

Online STEM activities plus for kids in 2021 - Coding - electronics - 3D modeling

The online classes will start in January ( I will publish an article very soon to keep you updated about the exact date and time). We will add a couple of things to it and also a new format such as:

  • An Q&A at the end of the class

  • 10 more minutes

  • A Small PDF

  • A PDF of introduction to the topic (e.g: How to install the softwares needed, where to buy the materiel, and so on depending of the topic).

I hope all of you are excited by these free STEM classes in sight. Your children will be happy to create their own video game, robots, toys and more and show them to their friends, uncles, aunts and so on.

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We can be reached at: if you have any questions.

I wish you a happy new year and a good new year's eve for 2020-2021 before talking to you.

Talk to you soon.