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East coast RepRap Fest 2019 - The 3D printing festival in Bel Air Maryland

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I can't believe August is close to the end. Things moved so fast this summer with STEM activities all aound in Washington DC and Maryland.

But It's not because August is finished that the STEM events are also finished. They usually go all the year. And that's the case with the event I want to share with you in this article.

On Saturday October 12th 2019 and Sunday October 13th 2019 will be hosted the East coast Reprap Fest 2019. As it is mentionned in the name ''Reprap'', it will be about 3D printing from 10 to 4 pm on these 2 days at the following adress:

  • APGFCU Arena at Harford Community College, 401 Thomas Run Road, Bel Air, MD 21015

It will be in Bel Air Maryland going north from Baltimore Maryland.


A cluster of exhibithors will be there with their 3d printers, projects such as:

  • Proto-pasta who print pasta. Here is a link to their projects: 3d printing pasta

  • Buildtak with their sticky plate for printing

  • Prusa Research by Josef Prusa with their famous 3d printer the Prusa I3 mk3: here is a link to them: prusa i3

  • And more

I even have better news, the founder of the reprap movement, the doctor Adrien Bowyer will be present at the East Coast Reprap Festival. So you definitely want to be there and hear his talk.

Beside of the exhibithor's booth, you will be able to see:

  • car 3d printing for a derby race

  • Violin printing

  • 3D printing of small rocket

  • And more activities going on

The event is free for the kids who are 17 years old or under. And $10 for the adults. You can buy the tickets with the following link: ticket east coast reprap fest 2019 in Maryland

More infos on the event is also available with the following link: East coast Reprap fest 2019.

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