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Echo loop: The smart ring including Alexa by Amazon running on ARM cortex M4 processor

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In today's publication, I want to share with you some news coming from the tech world. After the article, I would like to have your thoughts since I think the situation got a bit over the limit.

Amazon Alexa

All of you more or less know Amazon for it's big retailing online store, and for a cople years now for it's magic box Alexa being a good day-by-day assistant working with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

For those of you who don't know Alexa, it's a little electronics cube with whom you can communicate by giving it orders (play music, make online orders, make a phone call and more).

Amazon Echo loop

Now to get even further, Amazon just announced the Echo Loop. What is the echo loop you'll ask. This a electronic ring you can talk to send some requests like Alexa. Since it doesn't have an internet connectivity, it will communicate with you smartphone and an Alexa Application installed on your smartphone allowing you to have all the informations you want when outside only when speaking to your ring.

Technical details

Here are some technical specifities included in the ring:

  • A speaker

  • A microphone

  • A battery

  • A Wifi connection

  • An ARM cortex M4 processor

  • A charging station

  • DImensions: max width - 15.72mm; Thickness: 2.58mm; Min width: 11.35mm

  • And more

All this for a price starting at $129.99 for the introduction time. After that period, the price will rise at $179.99.

So there we are, Amazon is getting closer to your private life. This is my point of view even I understand that some people are not bothered by it. At the pace we are going now, in a few years, the chip will be directly integrated to the human body.

The ARM cortex M-4 processor

One thing I want to accentuate is the ARM cortex M4 processor. This is usually a processor made for embedded and IOT projects. You may find some operating system running on it such as: FreeRTOS, Mbed OS or even some linux version. What is a good way to start hacking the ring and have our own project since it may be a good platform that has a couple of interesting hardware (wifi connection, speaker, microphone, I2C and SPI connections on the processor and more).

That reminds of the raspberry pi board where all those things can be done but instead ona bigger board.

A nice video is waiting for you at the end f the article.

More details on this product are available with the follwoing link: Echo loop by Amazon - The Alexa smart ring running a ARM Cortex M4 processor


What do you think will be next?

What product is next on the list for Amazon?

What do you think of this product?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments at the end of the article.

Let's stay tuned to see how things evolve.

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