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Sameday Bot: The Autonomous delivery robot working with Artificial Intelligence developped by fedex

Hi Friend Makers,

You love robot and also keep up with the last news about what's going on worlwide with this community. Today we will talk about delivery robot.

Delivery robot

You may have heard a couple of years ago about the Prime Air. A delivery drone drone developped by Amazon to deliver it's packages in 30 minutes. It's just that things take time to set up. Meanwhile Fedex which is also a big player in the delivery industry made a announcement. They have developped a robot called "Sameday bot".

This robot will be tested to deliver packages in big cities starting in Memphis Tennessee. It will be test to deliver packages between companies


This robot which the main base reminds us of electric wheelchair bottom with a cargo at the top. It also reminds me of a vilain in a video game (Just don't know why, :-))) ).

It is composed of:

  • A set of sensors to evolve in it's environnement

  • A camera to see around

  • A LIDAR sensor (used already by autonomous vehicle)

  • Artificial intelligence to process al the data coming from the sensors

  • A set of wheels allowing the robot to evolves in difficult environnement, walk a small step

  • 100 pounds payload

  • A 10 mph speed

  • And more

It will be a

More information can be found with the following link: Sameday delivery - Delivery robot working with Artificial intelligence.


Having a big increase of online purchases, deliveries and less use of human labour.

  • What do you think of the future of robot and drone delivery?

  • Are they replacing the postman?

  • Are they safe(People can steal them)?

  • Are they made for all type of urban environnement?

  • will it be available for companies

It may also be a idea that other delivery companies may want to duplicate. Who knows!?!

Let me know your thoughts at the end of the article with comments or if you have more information on this project or another you are really to share.

A video introduction is waiting for you at the end of the article.

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