Azure kinect DK: The new open source sensor manufactured by Microsoft for Artificial Intelligence co

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We live in a world where we have more more robots and automated things arounds and that also choose for us. I'm talking about Artificial intelligence. Some big brands have been already on the market such as Nvidia with the Jetson boards, Amazon with the Deeplens. The market is growing so fast that other outsiders want their share.

1°) Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

I'm talking about Microsoft. Microsoft comes with the Azure Kinect DK sensor specially developped for the developpers and commercial businesses. It is developped with an open source SDK to allow them to create applications with deep-learning with the Microsoft cloud Azure and develop the product.

The Azure kinect is actually on pre-order for $399 and will be available this year 2019.

2°) Hardware

It can be held in your hand with the following dimensiions: 74 x 39 x 99 mm

an comes with the main following hardware:

  • 1-MP depth sensor with wide and narrow FOV options which enable the user to optimize for their application

  • 12-MP RGB video camera for additional color stream that’s aligned to the depth strea

  • Accelerometer and gyroscope (IMU) that enable sensor orientation and spatial tracking

  • External sync pins to easily synchronize sensor streams from multiple Kinects simultaneously.

  • 7-mic array to enable far-field speech and sound capture

And more

3°) Compatibility

You also need to create a Microsoft Azure account online to take all the advantage of this new opensource product.

A computer working with Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu 18.04 may be required to use the sensor.

4°) Future of Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning

More details of the Azure kinect can be found with the following link: Microsoft Azure Kinect for Artificial intelligence

So this where we are going with the Artificial Intelligence. All the big brands put more on the market with open-source software for the developpers and businesses to develop more application for their products and expand their notoriety and work.

What do you think will be the next big step in the Artificial intelligence world? Please comment at the end of the article.

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