Robotics week 2019: Robotics STEM fair for kids in Washington DC - How to code and build a robot

Hey there,

How is everything today.

I have one more annoucement for the beginning of this year. I know it's a continuity since I have announced a couple of event this month. But if your kids are like me and love STEM and build robots, this is for you and them.

From April 6th to April14th 2019, It's National Robotics Week 2019 in the US. And to share the love of STEM robotics, DIY projects with you and the kids coming from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and even Pennsylvania, we also organise a STEM Robotics Fair for you.

It will be on April 6th at the Northeast Library from 3 to 5 pm "low level" at the following adress:

  • 330, 7th street NE, Washington, DC 20002

If your kids are 7 years old and above, come join us and let's see the following topic:

  • Discover our robots

  • Introduction to the software to program the robots

  • Intoduction to coding

  • How to build robots

  • Intro to our 3D printed robot project (made our 3D printers).

If you and your kids want to know how to code and build robots and leave in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia), you can subscribe to this free STEM event with the following link: National robotics week - Robotics STEM fair for kids in Washington DC - How to code and build a robot

You can stay connected to our activities and STEM after-school in the Washington DC area by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of our front page

( and also our social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube)

Plase let me know if you have any questions about the STEM fair.

More details are also available on the National robotics week website reachable with the following link: National robotics week 2019

Hope to see you soon with your kids for more fun and robot building.

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