Introducing Amazon's Cloud Robotics Platform: AWS RoboMaker

Amazon has long established itself as a giant in the retail industry, and now the company is trying to cement its name in the tech industry, as well. Automation is one of its main goals, with the delivery drone Prime Air as the perfect example. The goal is to transport packages within an hour upon ordering.

Following their interest in the robotics space, the company’s subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), launched the AWS RoboMaker last year. In the words of AWS, the AWS RoboMaker is “a service that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale.” In short, it is a one-stop platform for building robots and developing code via the cloud.

Like most robots, it runs on the Robot Operating System or ROS which is a collection of software frameworks specifically created for developing robotic software. One of the main benefits of the ROS that makes it the perfect fit for the RoboMaker is that it is the most widely used open-source framework in the world. It has a vast software library intended to help build robots and related applications much easier and, not to mention faster.

The AWS RoboMaker has four core functions – cloud extensions for the ROS, a development environment, simulation services, and an over-the-air (OTA) fleet management system.

  • Cloud extensions for the ROS allow manufacturers to offload data to the cloud instead of maxing out local resources. The extensions also make integration with AWS services uncomplicated. These include Amazon:

  • Lex for speech recognition and natural la