Opencat: The open source cat madeof arduino, artificial intelligence and 3D printing

Hi Everyone,

Welcome in the maker world. We found for you on the internet a very nice project. It is called ''petoi: opencat". It is a 3d printed animatronics cat make with an Arduino and a Raspberry pi board.

This semi open-source robotic cat designed for STEM education and Artificial intelligence learning has been created by Rongzhong Li. He is a passionnate and DIY maker that also teach robotics at University with this robot.

His idea was to make affordable robotics including AI ''Artificial intelligence" like the giants on the maket ''boston dynamics, Aldebaran, etc".

As said before, it works with a Raspberry pi and an Arduino board. The arduino board controlling the servomotors and the Raspberry pi board is the brain computing with the algorithm for the differents motions, the Artificial Intelligence of the robot cat. He also 3D designed the different parts for the cat (head, legs, the body..)

He started with a simple concept that he improved with different proptotypes through time. The last version has 16 degrees of freedom, 60 minutes of autonomy, got touch sensor, can take decision.

It also has the following hardware embedded:

  • 1 Raspberry pi board

  • 1 Arduino board

  • Servomotors

  • 1 Servomotor driver

  • 1 GPS

  • 1 battery

  • 1 battery holder

  • 1 capacitive touch sensor

  • 1 wifi module

  • 1 bluetooth module

  • Wires and more

The tools need to make the project are the following:

The purpose of this project during the different versions he made is to teach STEM education among the first version and working on Artificial intelligence and autonomous robot on the last version.

More details on the project are available with the following link: Opencat - the opensource cat make with an arduino board

If you are more visual, you can find a video of the robot at the end of the article with more details and moving around.

We are also participating at the "National robotics week" and organising an event at the Silver Spring Library in Maryland "900 wayne Ave, Silver Sprind, MD, 20910, USA" from 2 to 4 pm. here is the link: National robotics week in Maryland, Silver Spring Library bt makersgeneration

Please come join us for a show and tell with different projects on robotics, how to make a robot, programming and more.

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Take care. ;-)

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