Sophia the robot: The robot using artificial intelligence develloped by Hanson Robotics

Hi Everyone,

Since a a few years, we hear worldwide of Artificial Intelligence and also of robotics. But since a week or more, we heard both of those topics in one. How is that possible.

It was possible because of Sophia the robot.

Who is Sophia the robot and what does she do?

Sophia the robot is a humanoid robot developped by Hanson Robotics to learn and interact with people. Hanson Robotic is a company that develop interactive humanoidrobot. Sophia keep learning with the time to become smarter by interacting more with people and it's environnement. How is that possible?

This process has been made possible with what we call Artificial intelligence and Deep learning. Deep learning which a concept where we teach the robot situation by repeating it a thousand of time. In this case with small embeded computer. It could have been a raspberry pi like we do make tutorial on. Stay tune, we have AI (artificial intelligence) tutorial coming soon with the raspberry pi.

You may have seen Sophia those days on the television, internet or social medias where she was walking or being interviewed and more.

You can find more on AI and le last projects Hanson robotics is working on with the following link: Han robotics Sophia the robot

A nice video of Sophia the robot is waiting for you at the end of the article.

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