How to make an RC open source snow plow robot controlled by an Arduino

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Summer is cool but close to be finished. After coming the fall and the winter. And who say winter say snow depending of where you live. Everyone knows that it's a hard job to shovel the snow after a blizzard or a snowstorm. To help you in your task, you can buy a small snow plow or you can build a snow plow robot that can shovel for you. :-)

The project created by some makers was to build a snow plow robot controled by an arduino board remotely via bluetooth and a Playstation 2 remote.

A metallic frame of 60x30x19cm has been made and is proppoled by 4 wheel equipped with electric motors and chains. A blade at the front and controlled by a electric motor allows the snow plow to shovel where it's needed. It is controlled wirelessly by bluetooth with a playstation 2 remote to have it funnier. :-))).

All of this is possible because of an arduino board for the brain and H-Bridges that give the necessary power to the wheel and allows the machine to move. It got 4 wheels, each one big as 26 cm with a 150kg torque.

The electonics schematic for the project is the following:

If you want more details or build the open source snow plow robot with an arduino, more details are available on the following link: How to build an opensource snow plow robot with an arduino board

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