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Plantoid: The open source Arduino based organic plant robot

Hi everyone,

Let's start a new thematic that we all depends on earth, green. By green i want to say the trees and plants. We are makers, how can we associate both of them. Pretty simple,this is what made a maker call David Ultis.

David has created a opensource plant robot call Plantoid. Plantoid is wheeled robot build for makers, STEM, students with an educationnal purpose.

It's purpose is to expand and support plants survival in a rough environnement.

It can gather data of those differents environnement witht it's arduino board and a couple of sensors (Humidity, air ambiant, air quality, air temperature, soil moisture) to help it choose and evolves in it's environnement.

It comes as a kit with different plastics parts to assemble and is now on kickstarter with an early bird price starting at $64. You can get more details and even support the project with the following link: Plantoid arduino based plant robot kickstarter

So if you wanna know how to build your plant robot with an arduino, this is the way to go.

The delivery time is estimated for february 2018 with a worlwide delivery option.

They also plan to make it evolves in a close future with an open source Raspberry pi board the software ''Myrobotlabs'' to build a webserver.

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See you soon for more news and tutorials. ;-)