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How to make an homemade open source exoskeleton arm with an Arduino board

Hi everyone,

Who knows about the future? we also talk about the past, the present but nobody know what will happen in the future and specially for technology. We may have a light idea about it by saying maybe virtual reality "VR", artificial intelligence ''AI'', 3D printing, robotics, drones or even super humans will take over the world. That's an idea but nobody is sure at 100%.

Let`s stay for this article on the super humans. We don`t know yet what the super human of tomorrow might looks like but we do know what it looks like today. They use them in the army and it got for name "exoskeleton". It helps carry heavy stuffs and even some scientists use them to experiment and help people to walk.

A maker called Berce with his team created their own homemade open source exoskeleton with an Arduino board for $100. With main purpose to help elderly and people that need help in everyday life. You feel like a robot. now, :-)))

The exoskeleton arm will have a back support to help distibuted the weight that you can tie to your body and is composed with a motor on the elbow to move the arm. The exoskeleton arm can lift 10 Kg “22 pounds”.

So how to make an exoskeleton with an arduino board?

He Firstly gathered all the following hardware:

  • 1 arduino Uno

  • 1 Aluminum 4 x 30 x at least 2000mm

  • 1 Strain Gauge with Load Cell Amplifier

  • 1 VNH2SP30 motor driver

  • 1 Car Windshield Wiper Motor

  • 1 Long wires

  • 1 Potentiometer

  • 1 Screws and nuts. M4 and M6

  • 1 lawnmower suspender

  • 1 Lipo battery 5500 mA, 3S

  • 1 Heat shrink tube H

  • 1 Wooden plates

  • 1 Rope or old dog's leash

  • 1 Zipties

After gathering all these elements, he explain in a short video (that you can find at the end of the article) how to assemble it and even provide the arduino program. The details for the project can be found with the following link: how to make an exoskeleton-arm

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Looking forward to hear from you soon guys with your own version of the exoskeleton with an arduino. ;-)