National Robotics Week in Washington DC: April 15th

Hi Friends Makers,

I promised and told you that 2017 will be full with events on our side here in Washington DC. Hhere is another one.

From April 8th to 16th, the National Robotics Week will be everywhere in the United States of America hosted by people that like you like to create STEM projects ( Science Technology Engineering an Math) and robots and share them with the community.

This event was created by the company ''Irobot'' that creates mobile vacuum cleaners in 2010. Their goal with other companies was to increase the pulic awareness of growing robotic in our society and the vision for the future of robots in our society in the Unites States.

So we (Makersgeneration) organise for you Makers a event on April 15th at the Northesat Library in Washington DC from 1h15 to 4 PM at the conference room mezzanine in the DC Library.

The adress is: 330 7th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

We'll enjoy those 3 hours of time to:

  • Introduce you to robotic

  • Have hands on robotics

  • Programming with Arduino

  • Play with our robots

  • Make small workshops

Come with your family (Wife, husband, cousins, children...) and friends to learn more about robots and what we are doing in Washington DC and our differents workshops (3D printing, programming, arduino, raspberry pi, 3D modeling and more).

You can find with the following links: our online shop and workshops.

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See you there guys.

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