MOTOBOT: The humanoid robot that rides a motorcycle

Hi everybody,

All those days, we can hear about autonomous cars all around the world on internet, the TV and the radio. One of the most popular brand in autonomus and electrical vehicle is Tesla. But what about the other way to to move to an point A to B.

Yamaha did it. What ? Yeah, Yamaha created a kind of robot that control a motorcycle.

That robot that looks like a human being, can control a motorcycle and could reach a speed of 100 km/h in 2015 and 200 km/h and more is the project for 2017. It's name is MOTOBOT.

This machine has been actually tested on a racetrack and use differents sensors, actuators and electronic to operate the motorcycle like : a GPS, the throttle, steering, front brake, rear brake, clutch and gearshift pedal.

The future with robots seems without limits. Between the robots create by google and this Motobot, we have to stay tuned.:-)

More details are available on the following link : Yamaha_Motobot

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