Online live coding class for kids: Learn how to code -STEM

Hi everyone,

I hope all of you are well out there with the pandemic.

Since it started this year a lot of things changed on how everybody react to each other and how they conduce business. And there is no exception for us.

So to remain Covid-19 ready, we will do an Free online class on learn how to code from scratch. All you will need is:

  • A computer

  • internet

  • A web browser (google chrome is preferred for our activity)

  • and so on

And of course your children. Lol

This class will focus on:

  • The basis of coding

  • 1st interaction with a computer

  • And Coding a character

Specially on kids between 7 and 11 years old for 30 minutes from 4 pm to 4:30 pm on:

  • Saturday, September 19th 2020

The class will be on Zoom. For those of you who don’t know zoom, it’s an online video platform (Don’t forget to download the app before the class, smartphone, tablet or computer). Have a look at “”.

Make sure you register with this link and ID and password will be sent to your email to access the online coding class this Saturday for your children with this link: Free online coding classes for kid

Share the information with your family and friends so their children can learn how to code from scratch as well for free.

More STEM online events are coming next weeks for your children such as: learn how to code, create video games, electronics, hands-on craft, learn how to use 3D modeling and for free.

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We can be reached at: if any questions.

See you on Saturday. ;-)

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