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How to identify if my kid is interested in STEM activities

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Among the many STEM events I'm doing in Washington DC and Maryland for the kids on coding, robotics, electronics and more, I have just started these new article related to STEM and kids. If you have missed the last one, you can find it with the following link. It is called: What is STEM?

In today's article, we'll try to focus on how to identify your kids passion.

Spy them

I know kids do not like helicopter parents but this is also a good way to discover what they like. See what they like to do when they are alone (play video game, play card, draw, be on the computer, looking at youtube videos on a specific topic, etc).

Ask them

You may not have time to spy him or you didn't discover what he/she likes. One other way is to ask them.That may be as easy that.

  • What type of after-school activities would you like to do?

  • Do you like robots?

  • Do you like to code?

  • I saw you tinkering last time, do you like to make things?

  • You can een ask them their favourite between 2 or more activities. What is your favourite between "A" and "B"?

Give them some funny challenges at home

When playing with him/her, you can give them some funny exercises (some STEM kits you bought online or in town) to do and see if they enjoy doing it or just put it on the side.

If they spend some time on it, ask you questions, go on internet and Youtube to look at the challenge.

Ask them for help

Since you want to get them involved in what you are doing, tell them you need their help to do a project (e.g: drawing to decorate your office, make hands-on activities for the kids at the hospital. You can see the hands-on event I have done in Silver Spring Maryland with the kids for some inspirations if this can help).

Going further

You have a zillion ways to identify what they like to do or not. These above are just examples. You may try them or use your own way if it works better.

If it's the case, you can share with the communty below in the comment or even to ask questions on anything we talked about in this article.

STEM actvities in the Washington DC area

If it happens that you live in Washngton DC, Maryland or Nothern Virginia, more STEM activities are planned this summer for you and your children. You can find details and even subscribe to them:

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