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Things do in DC: STEM after-school for kids on 3D printing in Silver Spring Maryland

Hi there,

Thank you for tuning in today.

Summer is officially there. It's warm outside and it's time for activities. In this month of June, we had differents STEM activities on robotics, coding , hands-on activities and even 3D modeling with the kids in Silver Spring Maryland.

To keep going in the same track, I will organise for you the next episode following the 3D modeling, to be straigth forward , it will be 3D printing. The program will show to your kids:

  • A quick intro to a 3D printer

  • An intro to the 3D software

  • How to load a part to be printed

  • An intro on how to use the printer

  • And print an object

It will be on Tuesday July 9th 2019 from 7 to 8 pm at the Silver Spring Library in Maryland, room 3-1, 3rd floor at the following adress:

  • 900 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, 20910

If your children are 7 years old and more, like STEM activities such as robotics, 3D printing, robotics and more, you can subscribe to this free event and come join us with the following link: After-school for kids in Silver Spring Maryland on 3D printing

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You can also reach me at the follwoing email for any further questions:

See you soon at the event.