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Things to do in DC: STEM after-school activities for children in Silver Spring Maryland - How to bui

Hello people,

It's quite warm here while writing those lines. Meaning it's time to go outside after finishing this article. :-)))

One minute of serious, it's summer time and more STEM activities are scheduled for that period for all of you looking for STEM after-school for your children in Washington DC and Maryland such as robotics, coding, 3D printing and more.

The next one will be focused on How to make a rocket from scratch with paper, tape, straws, scissors and more.

Come join us at the veteran's plaza at 7 pm for one hourin Downtown Silver Spring at the following adress:

  • 1 Veterans Pl, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

You children are 4 years old and more and you want to bring them to this free event, please subscribe with the following link: STEM after-school in Silver Spring Maryland_How to buil a rocket from scratch

Do not hesite to share the STEM program with all your family, friends and neighbors.

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Contact me if you have any questions at the following:

See you over there at the veteran plaza in Maryland