2019 DC Elementary STEM fair: Things to do in Washington DC with your kids - Robotics coding and mor

Hi there,

How are my people doing? The new new year has already started and the winter on it's end.

Since the beginning of this year, for you living in Washington DC, Maryland, Nothern Virginia or even Pennsylvannia, we have been through a couple of STEM event : Scratch day, Raspberry pi birthday and even some after-school program and camps. And you are looking for STEM things to do in DC with your kids.

DC Elementary STEM Fair

So let's talk about the future, on Saturday June, 1st 2019 will be hold the DC elementary STEM fair at UDC (University of the distric of columbia) at this adress:

  • 4250 Connecticut Ave, Washington DC 20008

It starts at 10 am to finish at 12 pm

It is a free STEM event organised by DC STEM Network open for kids and parents and animated by kids from DC public schools. I will also be there for you with more things to do. I heard by that coding and robotics activities for your kids from 6 years old and more.

So if you live in Washington DC and the area, please come join us at the 2019 DC STEM fair if you are looking for STEM activities to do with your kids in DC and learn STEM.

More informations can also be found with the following link: DC STEM Fair in Washington DC for kids- Things to do

STEM summer camps

You can also subscribe to our STEM summer camps if you live in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. It will be in Washington DC during July and August 2019.

We also have an STEM live and online course available for the kids on coding, smartphone app creation and more.

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See you soon for another article and the event in DC. Take care. ;-)

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