Cassie the bipedal robot: Artificial intelligence and robotics to evolve in an hostile environnement

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Wanted to talk about a tendency that we are going to without sometimes notice it. I'm talking about robots.

Robotics in our life and corporations

We are moving for a few decades to an automated world to reduce cost of labour and getting formatted that it is the way it is. Our kids are already in the game without knowing with all these tablets, robot toys, lego and more. Engineering seems to be the work by excellence if you want to find a job in one decade or two.

An example we talked about last time was the delivery robot Fedex developped and being tested now. Those are the type of robots that use wheels and Artificial Intelligence to navigate in their environnement. But let's talk about something a bit different.

Agility Robotics

A company called Agility Robotics developped a bipedal robot that can evolves in a tough environnement (non - flat) without knowing the previously knowing the environnement. I can see you coming saying that it's normal. And this is when I answer back maybe for you but not for a bipedal robot. Do you remember those robots that walk like robot, really rigid, automatic to be exact. This, we know how to do it. But any changes in the environnement may tumble the robot.

This is a really hard cynematic work to have a robot to be imbalanced when walking, not tumble and keep moving. A few years ago, I remember seeing one like this developped by Boston Dynamics. It was called "Atlas".

To come back to our main one, Agility robotics developped a a bidepal robot called Cassie which can walk in a difficult environnement like a human . It can climb stairs, which is a very tough job even for a human being, walk outside, in the forest and more.

Cassie the open architecture bipedal robot

This robot launched in 2017 has an open architecture (which provide acess to a low level control of the robot), so more coding and open project. An all day like battery and may be used by researchers to study robotics or even the walking or running for the most courageous of us. A simulator has also been developped by the company and is available to test the robot in different environnement and settings.

I hope you like the quick introduction about this robot. Also more details can be found with the following link: Cassie the bipedal robot by agiliity robotics


Also come a couple of questions for the future:

  • What do you thing about this bipedal robot?

  • What are the next steps?

  • Are you afraid of this technology?

  • Will you buy one to help you out in your house if this robot happens to be more efficient tomorrow?

  • Will the robot be able to walk in a very hostile environnement like a human being at %100?

To finish up, a nice video is waiting for you at the end of the article.

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