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Maryland STEM Festival 2018 - STEM coding after-school for kids in Silver Spring Maryland

Hi guys,

Just wantto share some good news with you starting in october 2018 to finish on November 2018. What I am talking about is the Maryland STEM Festival 2018.

The event starts on October 26th to end up November 11th 2018.

For the occasion, Makersgeneration and the Silver Spring Library in Maryland organise for you a coding after-school for your kids where they can learn the basis of programming. And also other STEM after-school activities for the kids on robotics, coding, 3d modeling, 3d printing if you live in the area (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia).

The program for this coding class will be for kids age 7 and above with the following program:

  • Intro to coding

  • Intro to the software

  • Create a game scenario

  • create a character

  • and more

Come join us for this coding after-school on october 31st 2018 at 7pm for 1 hour at the Silver Spring Library at the following adress:

  • Silver Spring Library, 3rd flood, 900 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910

Details on the "Maryland STEM Festival 2018" can be found wth the following link: Maryland STEM Festival 2018

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See you at the library in Maryland and our website for more STEM actvities with your children.

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Have a good week. ;-)