STEM Robotics programming class for kids in Washington DC

Hi friends makers,

Summer is there with it's full load of sun, :-). But not only, also more STEM activities for the kids in washington DC, Maryland and Nothern virginia are there. ;-)

Because it's summer time, we oarganise STEM camps in DC on different topics. But this time, we ''Makersgeneration" and the DC library organise a free STEM Robotics program for the children where they can learn:

This STEM robotics class will be held in Washington DC on July 5th 2018 at Lamond-Riggs Library from 7 to 8 pm at this adress:

  • 5401 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20011

You can subscribe and assist this free event with your kids from age 7 and over with this following link: STEM robotics programming course for kids in Washington DC

This is a free event happening in Washington DC. Come with your family, children and friends for this STEM event on robotics for new tech education.

Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter on our website or on our social medias if you are more connected (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube). Because more STEM events on programming, robotics, 3d printing, droning and more are coming in Washington DC, Maryland and Nothern Virginia this summer.

See you all at Lamond-Riggs library in DC on July 5th.

By waiting that time share with us what type of STEM event you would like to see happen more often in DC.

See you soon for a new article. ;-)

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