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Design for a cause: IOT and arduino challenge for makers

How you doing friends of the maker community. :-)

It's Mike Makers the one and only writing these new lines for you.

You like making things with electronics, robotics, 3d printing, programming and more. But more than that you also like to help people. Here is the good time for helping others with your talent and creativity.

Design for a cause

I'm saying that because Elements 14 that everybody know for selling electronics components (resistor, capacitor, arduino, raspberry pi, etc) launched a contest ''Design for a cause". The purpose of this challenge is helping create electronics devices that help people with physical or mental impairments.

The arduino board MKR 1000

You need for that to use the arduino board MKR 1000. This electronics board is a arduino shield with a wifi module on it allowing you to create IOT projects and more by adding programming, robotics, 3d and more to the project you want to create. Also notified the open source side of the project.

Examples of project you can make with the Arduino wifi board MKR 1000

You can find examples of applications that can be make just below:

  • Smart prosthetics

  • Mobility aids

  • Proximity detecting canes

  • Communication devices

  • Sense replacement systems

  • Opensource electric wheelchair conversion kit

  • dextirity aids

  • Intelligent helping robots

A bunch of Arduino MKR 1000 kit are also available for the 15 winners and other shields and electronics components.

The subscription has started on May 23rd 2018. You can have more informations and details with the following link: Create a STEM project with the arduino MKR 1000 for the physical and mental impairments individuals

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STEM camps - classes - workshop in washington DC Maryland and Nothern Virginia

For those of you that live in Washingtion DC area ( Maryland and Virginia) , we organise a STEM summer camp for 2018, Robotics workshops at the Washington DC library "DCPL" and also other workshops on 3D printing, electronics, programming , video games, virtual reality and more. That's a nice program for the summer, isn'it?. Check it out on our website: Summer camp 2018 Washington DC and Maryland

See you next week for more STEM videos, tutorials and events. Don't forget our DIY water pump propolled by an arduino board. ;-)

Take care and have a good week-end.