Arduino automation & robotics contest for STEM makers to advance industry 4.0

Hi guys,

This is Mike Makers writing those few lines for you today to tell you about a STEM contest coming soon.

Following the 2018 Arduino day and the release of their 2 new boards (One with an integrated wifi module and the other one with an FPGA), the giant Arduino and Distrelec follwing a partnership announced since a few days a new maker's contest on Automation & robotics with their product.

The main purpose of this contest is of course the challenge for the makers but mainly help improve the industry of automation, manufacturing and the 4.0 revolution (Using robots, data acquisition, remote control, etc) . All those by helping make them cheaper, faster, more reliable, efficient and using products like Arduino Uno, Arduino mega, Arduino Due, Arduino ethernet shield, IOT devices, etc.

If you have a nice project in mind, and want to know more about the concept and subcribe, you can do it with the following link: Arduino contest robotics and automation

You can subscribe until June 29th 2018 and submit your project by September 16th 2018.

The prizes are the following:

  • 1st place: 1 digital bench multimeter ''kethley DM6500

  • 2nd place: 1 soldering iron weller 1010

  • 3rd place: 1 grove starter kit for arduino

And others prices like arduino boards, electronics components and more.

You are still there??? Go to their website and apply. I'm joking. lol.

You can also follow our tutorials on 3D printing, electronics, arduino board, on how to build a robot with a arduino, how to build a drone with an arduino and more.

Bu if you live in with Washington DC area, Maryland and Nothern Virginia, come follow our STEM classes, workhops and after school programs on how to make a robot with an arduino, 3d modeling of parts, video game, 3d print your robot and more.

Specially this summer with our STEM summer camp in Maryland and Washington DC, you can have a look on our camp page and STEM after school programs with this link: STEM Summer camp maryland and Washington DC

More news, events and tutorials are to come. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom part of our webpage and to our social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube).

See you this week for the new serie of tutotials on how to make a water pump with a arduino ( including electronics, 3d modeling with the CAD software Freecad, 3d printing of the parts with cura , programming with an arduino uno and the assembling of all the parts).

Stay tuned. ;-)

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