Arduino released two new boards for STEM education and projects on robotics IOT and more

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It's Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 this week week-end in San Francisco. A lot of maker will be there to introduce their projects on robotics, programming, Arduino, 3D printing and more. Even some famous companies will be there. One of them is Arduino and it comes with a special news.

During that period of time, the arduino will introduce two new STEM products make for the makers. Those are called:

These are two new products developed by arduino for all those who know how to build and make thing or wish to learn new STEM projects (robotics, elctronics, IOT and more).

The MK VIDOR 4000 is the first arduino board equiped including a microcontroleur and a FPGA. Arduino promised a nice interface for the community and an accessible price.

More projects are coming for sure. Stay tuned with us for sure. Waiting for it to be released and organise more STEM robotics classes in Washington DC and Maryland for you guys.

The second board, The "Uno Wifi Rev 2", is like an arduino Uno board with a integrated wifi module. The perfect board for IOT projects. We are also waiting on that one to be released to make more tutorials for you guys and electronics, programming and robotics classes in Washington DC.

As you understood, the boards are not out yet but will be soon. You can find more details on the boards with the following linkks:

By waiting the arrival of those 2 arduino boards, you can find our tutorials on our blog. And all of you who prfer real courses, we organise STEM classes and workshops in Washington on education, diverse topics ( programming, electronics, robotics, 3d printing, 3d modeling and more). Feel free to contact us or can also leave a comment below.

A STEM summer camp is also organised this summer in Washington DC on electronics, robotics, virtual reality, programming, 3D pringting, gaming and more. More details are available with this following link: STEM summer camp in Washington DC

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See you next week guy for a serie of tutorials on Arduino.

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