Arduino Day 2018 in Washington DC - Show and tell -May 12th 2018

Hey friends makers,

It's been a while we are waiting for this event since the beginning of 2018 all around the globe and on internet (forum and social medias). But the arduino team finally relased an official date for the event.

The event we are talking about is the Arduino day 2018. It's a worlwide event taking place everywhere and organised by the Arduino and the maker community.

Like we did last year, we organise for you the community an arduino day event 2018 in Washington DC. It will be held on Saturday May 12th 2018 from 2 to 4 pm at the Northeast library, room ''Meeting Room'', in DC. You can find it with the following adress: 330 7th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, États-Unis

This event will include different projects:

  • Robotics

  • Programming for the kids,

  • Hands on activity,

  • Virtual reality "VR",

  • Artificial intelligence "AI" and more)

on the different booths.

It's a free event for all the passionates and all the people desire to know more about that little electronics board you can program, make a robot with, a 3D printer, a drone, prototyping and more. You can come and participate by subscribing with the following link on eventbrite: Arduino day 2018 in Washington DC

It's a warmful event, so please bring your family, children and friends to discover all our projects (programming, how to make robot, pilot a robot with an android smartphone, Artificial intelligence, etc). If you like to make things, build things, programming and more, come join us to exchange on the subject.

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For those of you that are more interested in STEM classes and STEM camps in Washington DC and Maryland, you can also find and subcribe to our 2018 summer camps with this link on our website: STEM summer camps 2018 Washington DC and Maryland

Thank you for reading our article. Please share it and share the news with your friends and family. We are wainting for you for the arduino day 2018 in washington DC for more arduino robotics, programming projects. ;-)

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