Futurecraft 4D: Adidas reveals it's new 3D printed sneaker produced on a large scale

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We annouced you last year the project made by Adidas to commercialize a limited serie of 3D printed sneakers. It was only available in certain cities for less than $400.

You can find the previous article and all the details with the following link:

Adidas footwear Futurecraft 3D

This year, Adidas made a bigger announce by revealing a new project. It is called Futurecraft 4D. This neaker is of course 3D printed but with liquid resin reacting to the light. This product is flexible, sustainable and light because of the technology used by the 3D printer. It used a technology called Digital light Synthesis.

A small quantity ''300'' in limited edition will be released in April 2018 followed by 5000 for Fall and finally 100000 by the end of the year. That's a game changer for a shoe maker to produce 3D printed sneaker on a so large scale and reliable for their quality. Adidas make it big on that one. Hats off!! ;-)

You will be able to have for $400 or less. So stay tuned, let us know when you got yours and don't forget to share your first opinions about the Futurecraft 4D by Adidas.

More infos are available on: Adidas Futurecrat

A short video is waiting for you at the end. ;-)

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