Deeplens :The open source deep learning camera running on Ubuntu developed by Amazon

Hi Guys,

Everywhere and all the time we hear about about AI, machine learning and deep learning as being a good thing and even as a menace sometimes for our jobs and even more (I let you deep into your imagination for that, specially if you saw the movie Terminator, :-))) ). Even one the greatest leader and entrepreneur in technology of our time said to be cautious with all that . But I let everyone have their thoughts about it and being judge.

In my opinion, we should be able to dig a little bit further and see what is under the hood specially when we are makers, developpers and tinkerers.

Following that purpose, Amazon has created two nice products call ''echo'' and ''Alexa'' for the people and now released a new product called ''Deeplens'' made by AWS ''Amazon Web Services'' for the developers.

This project is a deep learning camera running on Ubuntu OS ''Linux under the hood'' capable of detecting:

  • Objects

  • People

  • Foods

  • Activities

  • Cats and dogs

  • And more

It takes 10 minutes to set up your 1st deep learning poject.

The hardware available for this new product is:

  • an Atom processor

  • 16 Gb of memory,

  • Wifi

  • 2 USB 2.0 slot

  • A 4 megapixels camera wih a resolution of 1080

  • 1 SD card slot

  • And a HDMI port

All this for a product not bigger than 47 x 94 x 170mm with the camera included. Like a Raspberry pi project with a better case and for deep learning. :-)))

This camera is made learn deep learning and machine learning is not on the market yet but can be pre-order by all the developers, makers and STEM people that always want to learn more.

More information on the camera, how it works and how to order it are available with the following link: Deeplens Amazon Web services

More to come on deep learning with Amazon guys. Stay tuned.

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See you soon for another article and more tutorials. ;-)

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