How to build an opensource IOT solar weather station with an arduino board

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Our last article was on how to build an open source snow plow with an arduino board and shovel all the snow in front of your home or wherever you want. Today, we'll try to stay in the weather field and see how a maker called Tiobel built an opensource IOT solar weather.


To do so, he gathered all the following materiels for the project:

  • 1, 6V 1W solar Panel

  • 1 breadboard

  • 1, 3.7 lipo battery 1000mAh

  • Wires

  • Screws

  • 1, female header

  • 1 solar Lipo charger

  • 1 I2C BME280 (Temperature, Humidity and pressure sensors)

  • 1 FireBeetle ESP32 IOT Microcontroller with Wifi and Bluetooth integrated (Equivalent to and arduino board). Can be replaced with an arduino 101 (uses bluetooth BLE)


The he FireBeetle ESP32 microcontroller is powered by the Lipo battery with 3.7V that is connected to the Solar Lipo charger in the battery input port.

The BME280 is powered with the 3.3V port coming from the fireBeetle SEP32 board.

The schematics for all the project is right after:

Software and code

To create the remote cotroller system, you need to sign up and create an account on ''ThingSpeak''which is a online platform for internet of things (IOT) to store and retrieve data from your sensors.

The software and code used is the Arduino IDE.

All the details and the code can be find with the following link: How to build a open source IOT solar weather with an ESP32 Microcontroller

After creating your account on Thingspeak, add the variables ''humidity'', ''temperature'' and ''pressure'' and save it and get the API key that you can add to your arduino code to make everything work.

Going further

You can of course improve it with other sensors, with a Raspberry pi or for others applications. Don't hesitate to share with us your projects.

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Hope you like the post. See you soon for another one.

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