How to build a open source DIY camera with a Raspberry pi board: Pijuice

Most of us that love technology or not got a smartphone in our pockets. We like the fact that we can do anything with that powerful tool like go on internet, make some online purchases, record voices, use application, take pictures and videos. The last theme seems interesting and this is what we are about to focus on today.

Have you ever think about building your own DIY camera? if yes, you are at the right place. A project call Pijuice was made to build a DIY camera with a raspberry pi and a big TFT screen.

With this camera you will be able to take pictures with a pushh button, see your envionnement in a TFT screen and save the pictures.

To start, you need to gather the following parts:

  • A raspberry pi (Raspberry pi 2 B+ or raspberry pi 3 to mention only the latest one)

  • A Pijuice module ( electronics board including a RTC "real time clock",

  • A SD card with Raspbian (a linux derivative OS " open source operating system developped for the raspberry pi board)

  • A raspberry pi camera module

  • A Laser cutted kit for the camera case

  • A Adafruit 2.2 TFT screen

  • Screws

Download Raspbian the open source operating system:

All of this in your hands, you can download the last version of raspbian and install it in your SD card that you can find with the followinfg link: raspbian operating system for Raspberry pi

Connect the camera module to the Raspberry pi board:

Connect your camera cable to the raspberry pi like the following picture.Then make sure you enable the camera in the Raspberry pi settings.

Connect the push button on the adafruit TFT screen board

Download the picam software to the raspberry pi with the following github folder: Pijuice sofware for raspberry pi camera and install it.

Test camera

You can test the camera by typing the following command:

  • sudo python

Make sure the repertory to save the pictures is this one by typing the command:

  • cd /picam

For all of you that want to build the Pijuice camera and gather all the details to the project, you can follow this link: Build a Camera with a raspberry pi board

I think it's only a beginning for the possible things we can do with the Raspberry pi board. If you think it's the case, you can share with us your projects and montages in the comments and even subscribe to our newsletter and our social medias ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube).

A nice video of the camera is waiting for you right after the article.

Hope to see you in a close future for new articles and tutorials.

Take care; ;-)

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