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How to build a cheap DIY calculator with an Arduino board

Everyone at school on day or until now had or have a calcultor to make calculation. When you thing today, that a small calculator, smartphone and tablet are more powerful than the computers at the beginning. Computers that needed a big room only for themselve

But now as you know everything changed and you can even create your own calculator. This is what a maker called Kale_3d did. He has built a DIY calculator. With this calculator, you can process basics calculation like addition, substraction, multiply and a division.

His calculator's brain is made with a arduino Duemilanove, got a 16 buttons keypad, a 2 lines LCD screen and a 9V battery for the power. All of this electronics is strapped in a case that looks like a cube and it's made of laser cutted medium that he assembled with tools like glue, screws, a drill and more.

You can find all the details to build your own DIY arduino calculator with the following link: Build a cheap DIY calculator With an Arduino

You'll be able to create your calculator and why not improve it to a more powerful one like a graphic calculator opensource.

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