Fuse 1: The $9999 SLS 3D printer by Formlabs on your desktop

We all know Formlabs for their 3D printers. Or maybe not everyone, but for all of you that don"t, it's the first company that created a desktop SLA 3D printer "Stereolithograhy" for less than $3500 a few years ago. This is a 3D printer working with a polymere resin and ultraviolet for our object solidifaction.

To stay in the same concept, Formlabs backslided once again by annoucing a desktop SLS 3D printer baptised Fuse 1 for the and of 2017. You can now book your 3D printer with a $1000 deposit for a $9999 final price.

This 3d printer like all SLS ''Selective laser sintering'' 3D printer works with polymere powder (Nylon 11 and Nylon 12 in that case). The nylon is flexible, solid and resists to the heat and is and excelent materiel for prototyping. More materiels are in development for a better diversity.