The basics to start with Tinkercad: How to create a Mickey Mouse ring and 3D print it

Hi everyone,

You just got a new 3d printer or you want to buy one. But you're always on thingiverse and other website and still don't know how to design your objects because you don't have the skills to do it. Don't be afraid and follow the light. :-)

Today, we'll introduce you with this small tutorial to this online software called Tinkercad. What is Tinkercad? It's a 3D modeling software very intuitive that allows you to draw all kind of objects by implementing simple shapes (cylinder, pyramide, cube, rectangle, triangle) together to create your final object.

To start creating with tinkercad you need to create an account with your email account on their website:

Once done, you can sign in or sign up and then create a new design and click on ''tinker this'' on the project with a strange name ''Stunning Jaban Albar''. Then will appear a new window.

Move the arrow on a shape (cylinder, square, pyramide...) on the right side of the screen to take the tube and drop it in the middle of the workplane.

You can mode the environnement in 360° by keeping the right click down on the mouse and move the mouse on the left, right, forward or backward.

You can also move your object on the workplane by keeping the left click down on the mouse and move it wherever you want.

The tube dimensions' can be modify by clicking on the tube ''left click''. Then will appear a few black squares. Depending of which one you selected, you can modify the length, the heigth and more.

If you want more details, by clicking left on the mouse, there is a small window appearing allow you to modify the following (radius size, wall thickness...).

You can now add 3 tubes on the workplane and modify their dimensions depending how large your finger is and how big you want your mickey mouse's ear. :-).

Then move the 2 tubes at the frontier with the big one to create a mickey mouse head.

You can now change the dimensions for the wal thickness to have it full inside like the picture below for the 2 ears.

When you have finished, you assemble all the shapes together to have one part that can be move all together at the same time. Click on ''ctrl + A'' to select all the part and clikc on ''Group''.

Here is the result:

You can export in STL to 3d print it by clicking on "export'' on the upper right side of the screen.

That's only a beginning to start create 3D model with Tikercad. More are coming during the next weeks. Let your ceativity blow up and share with us your differents projects.

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Se you soon for a next tutorial with more fun. ;-)

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