Scienci Mill One: How to build a DIY affordable CNC machine.

You are a maker and have a bunch of tools in your workshop (screwdrivers, wrenches, allen keys, jigsaw, hammer and more) and maybe heavier tools like a 3D printer to works with plastic, a soldering iron. But something is still missing because you want to make pretty nice design designed from your computer with differents materiels (wood, aluminium...), so this low-cost CNC machine is perfect for you.

This affordable CNC router baptised ''Scienci Mill One" has been made by two makers ''Andy and Chris'' and they then launched a wonderful kickstarter campaign to make it affordable for everyone by selling the kit for $500 all over the world.

The machine is big as: 430 x 430 x 300 mm and has an approximate work area of: 235 x 185 x 100 mm to cut your materiel.

If you want to build your own machine, you need to have a bunch of materiels and those are the main one :

The Aruidno Uno is the brain that controls all the differents steppers. It will allows to move our drill on X and Y axis. And the plywood will be the frame for that nice machine.

It also contains 3D printed parts design to fit the differents components like the motors, the frame, the lead screws.

All the details and the notice to set up the the CNC machine can be found at the following link : CNC_machine

I think you can also modify this project as you want to improve it or create a new project.

A nice video on how to build the CNC machine is available at the end of the article.

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