Space Apps Challenge: Improve tools for the earth with open data

Dear Friends,

You are looking for a nice place for the week-end ''April 29-30th 2017'' where you can challenge yourself as a maker. The Space apps challenge is made for you.

The Space Apps Challenge is a worldwide (in 70 countries) event ''hackathon'' organised by NASA during 48 hours to works on differents topics to evaluate, environnemental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprint for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.

The goal during those 2 days is to create the next generation of sustainables cities, towns and villages that integrates open data and smart integrated technologies in agriculture, energy, transpartation, education, health and more.

You can bring your skill and participate by creating a solution capable of :

  • Data collection

  • Data assimilation

  • And more

You can have more informations, find a location close to your home and subscribe to the event by following the next link : Spaceappschallenge.

If you have subcribed and participated to the event, please share with us your emotions and feelings on the hackathon. For that, you can subscribe to our newsletter on the website and our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube).

See you on the same website for another article. ;-)

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