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The virtual lemonade teleporter: Let's teleport our beverage

Good afternoon dear friends,

You remember one of your good friend when you used to hang out in bars drinking cocktails and all kind of beverages. :-)

You want to share a drink with him but he already moved out to his own country.

That's now possible.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore has createdatd a machine allowing to teleport a beverage per internet. That's not awesome.

How it works is that you have a PH sensor (Acidity sensor) that collect the beverage acidity and a RGB sensor for the color of the beverage. All those data can be send by bluetooh to your phone and send by internet with you smartphone to your friend.

You friend got the machine which is a hight-tech tumbler. Filled with water, the machine will his tongue electrically to let him recognize the flavour sent by his friend and is colored with an LED ''diode'' to copy the original color of the beverage.

If you want more details on the project, you can find a video at the end of the article and also a link to the project just after : The virtual beverage teleporter.

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