FOSMC: The Fictic Open Source Motorcycle. Build your motorcycle in a week-end

Hi Friend Makers,

The only limit is our mind. And we can make, create and modify everything around us. Meaning even the things that already exist and put our touch to it.

That's the case with this open-source motorcycle ''FOSMC : The Fictiv Open-Source Motorcycle'' that you can build, customize in one week at home. And it's street legal.

The team ''Fictiv'' that has created the project made it from scratch in less than 3 months with nothing but 3D printing, cnc machining, laser-cutting.

This project has i said can be made at home in a week-end with only wrenches, handtools and no welding.

You can have access to the 57 open source parts that you can dowload online on the website project and started your project in your garage. It's all modular ;-)

You can add the needed parts like the wheels, the engine, the chain, the shocks, etc, to finalize your machine and follow the step by step process and even customize your prototype.

More details on the project can be found on their website with the following link : FOSMC

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See you soon for another good article on the maker world.;-)

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