Enter the Sandbox: The virtual reality world creates by Audi in a sandox with a Microsoft kinect

Hi folks,

All of you that own a vehicle or want ot buy a vehicle know how long it takes before buying one and the automobile manufacturer do know that. That's why they (Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford and more) make crazy advertising to impress their future customers.

One of them, Audi got a special way to create new things to interact with the people adding new technologies in their system.

What I want to say is that they've created a virtual world (called ''enter the entrer sandbox) where you can drive a vehicle with virtual reality glasses and a driver simulator (wheel and pedals) from a box sand where they created a road, dunes, bumps, a lake with a kid shovel. :-)).

How is this possible? They started by creating a road in the sand, then put a depth sensor( it could be a Microsoft Kinect sensor) above the sandbox to represent it in relief.

They added a very realistic virtual Audi Q5 where you can actually see from the inside like a driver when you put on the glasses and drive in your new landscape.

A small video from Audi Norway that initiated the project is available at the end of the project. Feel free to look at it and appreciate the work that had been made.

Hope to see more of that in the future by those makers and engineer.

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See you soon with with another article.

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